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  • US$ 19.99


    Abel Jonathan

    Whole onion slices are good. I tried the potatoes. They were nice. They were nice slices.
  • US$ 19.99


    Baron Gilbert

    Much better than the separate blades I've been using. Easy to store and clean. I'm gonna love it
  • US$ 19.99


    Julius Rebecca

    I've only used it once so far, but note that the blades are very sharp and work well, and I make very thin potatoes on the grill and cut them perfectly every time
  • US$ 19.99


    Godfery Edgeworth

    Bought this to cut more vegetables as a snack to roast, the slicing function works fine and is easy to use and clean.
  • US$ 19.99


    Kama Ivan

    So far, I've only used it to mince cabbage, and it's always performed well, highly recommended!
  • US$ 19.99


    Tess Faraday

    Tough fruits and vegetables slice easily and are very sharp! Gloves make me feel safe when chopping up harder vegetables. Use it to cut potato slices, they come out very thin.
  • US$ 19.99


    Avery Kell(e)y

    It is well-made and versatile. Use it all the time. I have a lot of potatoes to slice and freeze dry. This makes slicing super easy and fast.
  • US$ 19.99


    Yvette Harrington

    Easy to use, super sharp blade, better than expected. Figuring out how to remove the blade is a little tricky. It works great!
  • US$ 19.99


    Aries Jordan

    This makes the slicing so fast that the wife loves it and uses it often.
  • US$ 19.99


    Arlen Petty

    I use it to prepare all my fresh vegetables and like to slice perfectly, cut very evenly and save a lot of time.
  • US$ 60.72



    Tarnished after 1 year and they do not honour the replacement policy. I would not recommend Berglander.
  • US$ 14.99


    Tom Freeman

    The tool is sturdy, easy to use, and has just the right leverage. I was able to consistently pull the entire length of the root out of the ground, very affordable and good value for money.
  • US$ 39.99


    Baird Amelia

    These knives are very good, very sharp, we use these as all purpose knives, they are very good for a lot of things. I use them for cheese, tomatoes, all kinds of fruit, and it's perfect.
  • US$ 19.99


    Freda Hawthorne

    It's great for slicing vegetables and mincing cheeses or carrots, and it's easy to control without worrying about cutting my hands.
  • US$ 14.99


    Tab Holt

    This is probably one of the best gardening tools I've ever bought and makes weeding much easier without ruining the lawn. Very happy with this tool!
  • US$ 39.99


    Laurel Lyly

    I love these knives, they are beautiful and very sharp and seem to work well for my cutting needs.
  • US$ 19.99


    Claire Norton

    This grater grinds fresh ginger easily, and if you're looking for a very sharp grater, this is a great grater for an if not bad price.
  • US$ 39.99


    Donald Wagner

    These blades are sharp and strong, and we've used them many times. The handle is also good, easy to grip and easy to use.
  • US$ 29.99


    James Cooper

    They are made of high-quality steel with a tight and comfortable grip. The blades are very sharp and ready to use, easily handling any job.
  • US$ 14.99


    Cheryl Milne

    Due to its narrow size, it is perfect for adding a small amount of soil around plants in POTS without disturbing the plants or flowers themselves.
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